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Is it possible that passion is passed down through the DNA; that it is found in the family genes and inherited along with hair and eye colour? The enthusiasm for cars shared by Vito and Giovanni Rea, the two brothers and owners of Splash Bros Auto Salon and Spa, might just be proof of that.

Their earliest memories are of time spent with their father as he worked on the mechanics of his cars, from the Trans Am to the Camaro to the Mustang.  But it was more than the love of cars that their father instilled in them, he also taught them about the value of excellent customer service and ingrained in them the business skills to succeed.

This budding passion for autos encouraged Vito to an early start in the detailing business, when in 1994 at 14 years old he started a summer job at LA Auto Detailing. His early experience with the company broadened his understanding of car maintenance and proper care. It was only two years after starting in the detailing company that his father, John, purchased it for a family business and renamed it Splashworks Automotive. In 1997, Vito left school to work fulltime in the business, an important role because he became the voice and ears at work for his hearing-impaired parents. Vito quickly gained a hands-on education in every aspect of business management and saw the value in positive customer relations.

With the passion for cars running deep in the family, it wasn’t long before his brother Giovanni took an interest in the business. At ten, he started coming in to help out on weekends and holidays. This family affair taught them how to work together effectively as a team to develop customer relations and keep clients so overjoyed with the results that they kept coming back.

In 1999 their father brought on a partner and in 2002 the partner bought out the company. However, both Giovanni and Vito continued working at the company and in 2004 Giovanni started full-time hours. It wasn’t long before the brothers purchased the company in 2008 and reworked the name into Splash Bros in 2011, a title that maintained the history of the company while updating the new vision for their team.

Our Story